problem importing animations from 3DS Max

1- Building a game using Blender Game Engine
2- Modelers and animators work with 3DS Max

Problem : animations work, kind of… but badly

1- Model , armature, and animation done in 3DS Max
2a- Scene exported in FBX format
2b- Mesh exported in obj format
3- Opened in Motion Builder to re-export armature and animation in bvh format
4- import bvh in Blender
5- import obj in Blender
6- name bones, and mesh groups to match
7- parent mesh to armature using named groups

Animation is there , but armature in edit mode is completly off Pose mode, so the mesh breaks and spreads in unearthly fashion
I’m rather a newcomer in 3D (mostly a programmer) : trying to define a workable pipeline for the project

Looking for help on what to do to make the armature and mesh synchronize correctly
Thanks in advance!

ADDITION - I’m starting to get the idea PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong
A- My mesh need to be exported in obj format in “no pose” mode, meaning the famous character cross position for example, following the armature, in edit mode (before posing)
B- After importing both obj and bvh files, I have to align the mesh to the armature that I see while it’s in EDIT mode
C- Then if I parent the mesh to the armature, maybe through named groups, it should appear correctly
SUB-PROBLEM - when if place my mesh, I only the armature in pose position, I can only see the armature base position while in EDIT mode (for tube leg example I managed, but my many pronged demons it’s going to be tough… HOW see the base position of the armature when manipulating the mesh’s position

my blend files (last edit, attached new blend


Anim3ds2bvh2blend.blend (405 KB)Anim3ds2bvh2blend_v2.blend (405 KB)