Problem in joining sphere and cylinder

Hya there. Well, I was trying to do the object depicted here:

It’s an exercise on modelling the piece in a whole object, in such a way that it’s well subsurfed.
Well, my problem is on this part, on which you’re supposed to join a cylinder and a uv sphere. What is the better way to do it? The guy used booleans, but that makes a messy mesh. What is the better way to do it?

More wires are here:
Thanks in advance:)

PS: Sorry if there’s already a topic on that, i searched but found nothing=(

Really interesting piece there, nice wireframes to.
Very Clean.
Well it’s all about topology, the flow of the edges.
Im not actually sure where to start explaining this.
Skim through the sticky about Poles and Loops
But basically he’s got a circle loop around the cylinders, and then it continues on to the rest of the shape.
He also has loops defining other areas, look the small dents/lowered parts
they also have a circle loop defining them.

I tried doing a little paint over to illustrate some of the loops that are there
It’s rough, but do you get some sort of idea?


Just put that cylinder in the sphere, line up the cylinder’s lower vertices with the sphere, delete the sphere’s faces that intersect and connect the two parts. It’s not fancy, but it’s probably quicker than writing a forum post.

here is how you would attack something like this:

  1. add a uv sphere ( i used 32 for segments and 10 for rings i believe ).

  2. delete the bottom half of the sphere and scale down the remaining vertices along the Z axis.

  3. go to the top view and select one or two vertices from the top that are close to where the “cylinder” is going to be and snap the cursor to them (shift+S)

  4. tab out of edit mode, and add a circle with the same number of vertices as the ones surrounding the vertex you selected in step 3.

  5. position the circle on the Y axis… then from the editing buttons click Retopo…

  6. go the 3d view, hit G to move the vertices… DO NOT MOVE THEM! just press G and click the left mouse button. This will snap the vertices of the circle to the underlying mesh. You also have to be in solid mode (not wireframe). This what you should get.

  1. join the circle with the uv sphere (ctrl+J)

  2. select the shown vertices (we are trying to work with one portion and spin it later on).

  1. delete the vertex (or vertices) that you snapped the cursor to.

  2. select the circle loop with the loop around it, hit F -> Skin faces, edge loops.

  1. extrude the new hole and do whatever you want with it.

  1. tab out of edit mode and snap the cursor to selection (assuming you didn’t change the objects’ centers).

  2. tab into edit mode, select all. now you want to do a spin dup operation (found in the editing buttons)… change the Degr to 360 and steps to around 6. You might wanna do this many times to get it right; you might also need to modify the mesh to account for non-accurate alignment (not as hard as it sounds).

  3. jump for joy…

BONUS ITEM: attached .blend file…


mech_thingy.blend (390 KB)

@cire792-yeah, thx,I can see the edge loops, and that sticky is really useful.=)
@Zwebbie- I had already made it roughly that way, the problem was mainly in connecting the vertices to make a pretty mesh=P
@dyf - Thank you very much, you explained it perfectly, it seemed hardful but it really isn’t, thx a lot=)

just note, instead Retopo you can also use Shrinkwrap Modifier (projection,Z) for circle or cylinder