Problem in selecting half of a Donut

So I just downloaded the version of 2.57 because that’s what my PC is capable of. And I’m trying to select half of the donut, but the 3D cursor keeps following the cursor whenever I left-click to select. While the right-click, there is one anchor selected on the right side that’s why it changes the form of donut. Help me guys please, I’m just a beginner.

Welcome to 2011… when the default select button was right-click and to box select things you have to first press B then use the left mouse button. You are going to struggle to follow a tutorial designed for much more modern versions of Blender.

Andrew Price seems to have hidden his old, original donut tutorial which you would find much easier to follow. If you think it’s hard to follow now just wait until you get to the render part. Cycles render engine didn’t appear until 2.61

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Thank you very much!

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