Problem installing in linux

not a linux guru, but this looks like you’re using the dynamic build and you don’t have some of the libraries needed… i’m sure there is someone here who can tell you how to solve that.

Wrong glibc version. That’s what the error message says.


tell us your distro…

… actually, compiling blender for linux is pretty easy, if you have the required libs installed.

Don’t have to compile… just download the right packages for getting it running. Search in the rpm directory of your cd roms (or the net) for the packages libstdc+±libc6.2-2 or something alike. That’ll do it.

BTW, greetings for trying on linux :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, r200 is the chipset on older ATI cards (7000 - 7500 series) and could indicate a problem with your X-free 86 configuration.
xfconfig is often found in usr/lib/X11R6 or someplace similar (it varies with different distro’s). It’s also possible the ATI kernel module is being loaded (although it shouldn’t be if you’re using an NVidea card.

Although you’re using a different distro, the Gentoo distro’s forums are a good place for info on problems like this. Since this distro is based on manual configuration (rather than auto config like Mandrake, RH, or Suse, etc,) they get more in depth than the other distro’s in their docs.