problem mirroring

Ok I am completely lost…I have been working on a model for a couple of months now (my first one). At one point I applied the mirror I had and got rid of it from the stack. Then I rigged it. When I was done I decided I wanted to go back and edit it some more. So I deleted one half of the model and added another mirror. Only now I have been trying for six hours and I am ready to pull my hair out! I can’t get the mesh to line up. Not only that it looks different between edit mode and object mode so I can’t see what I really need to do!!! (As in the seams can be together in edit mode and a gaping hole exists in object mode!) I have tried clearing rotation and lining up among axis but nothing seems to work. I made sure I put the mirror at the top of the stack…I just can’t think what else to do and I would appreciate anyone that could help me solve this problem so I can move on! Oh and I tried clearing the parent link with the rig in case that was effecting it but it wasnt the problem…Thanks in advance!

With so little info it’s difficult to help much. First of all, ensure have you selected ‘Clipping’ in the mirror modifier settings.

Sorry I wasnt sure what other info. to supply. I just deleted the rig from the scene and then carefully started aligning the inside edges of the characters to the z axis and that seems to be fixing the problem. I am still confused as to why the edit shows the meshes together and the object mode shows where they dont join. If anyone has any ideas on that I am sure I could learn more! Thanks!