Problem moving armature in pose mode

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I am having problem of moving armatures in pose mode. I have used multiple bones along with two constraint (copy location & stretch to). When I am trying to move any bone it moves very slowly. Is that for using multiple bones or it has some other reason?

Please HELP…


How dense is your mesh? Do you have subsurf turned on, and what level is the 3d view draw at?

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I have used approximately 200 bones. Yes I have subsurf turned on. I am sorry I didnt get your third question. Are you talking about what bone type I have used?


There are two level sliders in the Subsurf modifier: one that says ‘levels’ and one that says ‘render levels’. The one that says ‘Levels’ represents the subsurf levels of the 3d display, the other one the levels in the render. He asked what level is your 3d view subsurf. Don’t use so many bones, both the ‘Levels’ slider and the bones slow response time.

Danuthaiduc - welcome aboard, and good call!!

Haimanti - you could also look into getting a dedicated video card to help your 3d viewport drawing. Sounds like you are working like Jpbouza, buncha bones!! Hope we get to see your output when you 're ready. :slight_smile:

Thank you Danuthaiduc for letting me know. :slight_smile: And I will definitely keep that in mind, but I wont be able to decrease the number of bones I used here. Yes craigomatic caught me. I am trying to work like Jpbouza. Thank you craigomatic for pointing me to see my video card. Here is my Graphics card info:

NVIDIA Quadro FX 540 (LeadTek) which is capable for greater than 2GB/Second pixel performance for DCC job.

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Well then, more horsepower tha I can hope for myself :slight_smile:
Try this- adjust the view drawing by moving the bones that are not necesary to see to a different bone-layer, and hide them. Then you won’t have so many bones being drawn- or mayb you have already done this?

Yes I have already gone through the subsurf level and hide the bone layer as well which is not being needed in working time.

Thank you anyway… :slight_smile:


I don’t think it has anything to do with your computers horsepower. I think you just have some conflicting or semi conflicting constraints.

What is the drawmode of the 3d-view (Wire/Solid/Shaded/Textured)?


The drawmode of the 3d-view is Solid. But right now I am not facing any problem moving bones. It’s going good now. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping me out…


W00t! Can’t believe my first post is actually helping :slight_smile:

Believe it :slight_smile:

Yes it worked… :slight_smile: