Problem posing bones

Strange thing with 2.4 that I haven’t noticed till now.
I usually rotate bones with the widget or Rkey, then press I key to insert keyframes. No problem with that. Then I wanted a more precise rotation for some bones so I press the Nkey to call up the Transform Properties box. I found that I couldn’t input values in there if there are already keyframes assigned to the bones. The numeric values just keep reverting to the set or interpolated numbers. But I can still rotate and grab them in the 3d window with the mouse and set keyframes that way. And the values in the Transform Properties box changes accordingly. Is this a bug? My current workaround is R or Gkey, drag the mouse a bit then input the value with the number keys. This works. Just no way to place the cursor over the numbers in the Transform Properties box and Shift Enter Backspace then enter the value that way. The value just keeps reverting back using this method. :frowning:

Yes, does seem like a pain, but I can see why it won’t override the IPO. Easier to manipulate the IPO itself.


True, but I can’t figure out the conversion system for the y value and equivalent angle in degrees… :expressionless:
Also, using the Rkey and inputting values with the numpad lets you input only relative values, everything starts from zero everytime you press Rkey, even if your bone is already rotated. Inputting on the Transform properties box would be easier…