Problem Removing Constraints

Hello to everybody. I’m posting this due to a problem. I’m trying to create and remove constraints by script. So from the tutorial I built this .blend file in which creates a P2PConstraint betwen 2 cubes and when the user press the space bar bge should remove the constraint. As a consequence of that the green cube should fall down but it doesnt happen. It’s quite simple but I cant see anything wrong, I print the constraint id and the console doesnt throw any error. Thanks for your time


BGE-Physics-DynamicallyCreateConstraint.blend (351 KB)

I don’t know why, but when you set the physics of the green cube to Rigid Body, it works.

Yes, i Know, the problem is that I need it to be SB. This is just a test in the main project the constraint is between a softbody and a rigidbody.