problem rendering large avi's... wont play back

rendering large avi’s in full screen and hd, just does’nt play back, but ive gotta say i love blender and all it can do. im just scratching the surface and cant get enough.

any advice on the avi prob?

Any more info? What size + length?

Over 2Gb?

any length full screen or Hd avi wont play back. maybe its my ati catalyst 1.2 card on a pentium d 820 w/ 2 gig comp.

Odd. Only ones rendered in blender, or all full screen/hd avi’s?

Are you using any compression?

If so, try without, just a few frames.

Oh, and won’t play back in anything, or in blenders ‘play’ thing?

BTW, welcome to blender!


only secnes rendered in blender but they wont play in any player. i started noticing the prob in 2.40 and thought the update would fix it. im creating transitions for use in home made dvds of pictures and movies of family and friends. wanted to use the full screen or hd rendering for better clarity over ntsc settings. using avi raw.

Dunno if this has been fixed, but blender doesn’t do the NTSC 29.97fps, but rather only even 30fps. (Probably not so with the FFMPEG version, tho.) Whatever… I recommend just outputting to frames in PNG, then compiling them to AVI with VirtualDub.

I haven’t heard of this problem before, but rendering .png’s should be fine.

avi’s work fine for me though. Can you upload one of the avi’s that wont work somewhere? Or a sample one of just 10 or so frames, for the size.