problem rigging arm

I’m having a problem rigging an arm. I am following the most excellent tutorial:

…and am at the image labelled:
‘Rotating upper_arm.l: the mesh move along.’

my problem is that the vertices don’t move. I have tried going back to my previous save and made sure the armature modifier is applied to the mesh. This doesn’t fix it.

Any thoughts or help would be really appreciated, I’ve gotta get this right! :slight_smile:

An image, of the problem, with the buttons enlarged:


You haven’t specified which Armature to use.
Under the Armature modifier, type in the name of your armature next to Ob:

hi hobbes,
thanks, thats fixed it…kinda…

the verts are now being pulled along, but the whole arm is, unlike in the tutorial picture, where only the verts under the weight painted bit are.

Is my IK setup differently? I checked and auto IK is on…

can anyone shed some light on this please?



You can download the final rigged character here, to compare to your file

If you still can’t figure it out, posting your blend file will probably get you the quickest answer (you can’t post .blend files here, you’ll need to post on another site and include the link here)

The IK setup would not affect which vertices are being deformed in the mesh.

In weight paint mode, SH-LMB on an area of the mesh and the name(s) of the vertice groups will be displayed. If there is more than one vetex group assigned to a group of vertices, that can sometimes cause problems (although some vertex groups will overlap, i.e in the elbow or wrist areas).

You can also use the vertex Groups panel on the EDIT buttons (F9) to select / display which verts are included in which groups. (Select the mesh, go into EDIT mode, press “A” to deselect all verts, choose a vertex group from the dropdown, then press the Select button to display the included verts for a group… add to the group with Assign … remove from the group with Remove… Delete the entire GROUP with Delete).


thanks guys,

ok…i can’t relate quite how or why, i just played around and now its cool.

just rendered a few shots…boy am i chuffed with this software! :slight_smile: