Problem saving .blend with texture painting! urgent please help!

Hi guys I am new to Blender, just began using it in a class. I am using 2.49.2 and am having a big problem.
I used texture painting to draw multiple UV textures onto a single UV texture (grass with a stone path and a spot of water, all drawn on a single plane using the clone brush). When I saved the .blend and reopened, everything I had drawn disappeared. I managed to redraw it and finish my project (a basic scene) but I have not closed Blender because I cannot risk this happening again (using this same project in next weeks assignment and adding on to it).

Can anyone tell me a way around this? I attempted to hit File->External Data->pack in .blend but it said I would lose my painted textures so I did not do it. Is there a way to properlly save this so I do not risk losing all my painted textures when I reopen?

Here is a pic of my rendered scene so you can see what I mean about the painted plane:

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

When you’re in the image editor of blender, you need to save the image file you texture painted onto. Then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Thanks for the response!

I painted the texture directly onto the plane in the 3D view window. I was following this tutorial:


Actually now that I think about it, the first thing I did (as per video instructions) was to create a UVtestgrid which was the initial layer I was painting onto. Does that mean I just have to save that UVtestgrid image and I’m in the clear? (that would make my day lol)

That did the trick - thanks amiller! I assumed saving the .blend would save the contained uv textures as well, I’m glad it was a simple fix :smiley: