Problem: Select Similar > 'Seam' selects all, not just seam

I wanted to choose only the seams. therefore,

In UV Editor, select one seam edge > Shift + G (Select Similar) > Seam

But all edges are selected.

What am I missing?

I guess this is imported from any cloth cutting tools? If you done it yourself you properly has marked the seams in the object as seams (in 3D edit mode: Edge: marks as seams). Anyway in 3D edit mode: Edge Select you can *Select → Selet all By Trait → Non Manifold * should get you in the right direction (maybe mark as seams for futire use or a vertex group…)

If you dont have any seems.
you can automaticaly create them from islands.

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Nice… again, i learnt something :wink:

Oh, there was a way!
I’ll test it right away when I get home.
Thanks for your ideas! :grinning:

I downloaded that pants asset.
Perhaps it was made using Marvelous.
If it is not a model created in Blender, do the seams not appear?

In Blender terms : seams are just edges marked as such to make UV unwrapping easier, but @skuax teached me something :wink:

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