Problem setting an object's origin to grid centre (0,0,0)

Help please.

I don’t seem able to solve this simple problem …

I have an object where the origin IS NOT at the object;s centre but a vertex on on edge. I want to set the object (and therefore it’s origin) at 0,0,0. I have gone through the apply/clear location routines a number of times but I can’t seem to achieve what I need even having set the cursor to Grid Centre and then ctr, alt, c etc.

Pic 1 shows the cursor position at 0.0.0 and the object’s location at -3.8 ,6.4 ,4.89 despite the fact that the origin is clearly at 0,0,0 - I moved the object manually. If I use ctl A to apply location which I would expect to set the object to 0,0,0 (like it does with scale and rotate) the origin moves as shown despite showing 0,0,0 in the properties panel location.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong please.


Richard C

EDIT: I ‘forgot’ I had the object parented to an empty - unparented and the object and it’s origine is now what I need. Doooohh


Object > Transform > Origin to Geometry. Object > Snap > Cursor to Center (done). Select the object. Object> Snap > Selection to Cursor.

Select object, Object > Transform > Origin to Geometry (or what ever). Object > Snap > Cursor to Center (done). Object > Snap > Selection to Cursor.