[PROBLEM] Toolbar

Hello! I have this problem with the toolbar:
When i create a new object in the viewport such as an UV sphere, cube or, in this case, a bolt from the bolt factory add-on, i go to the toolbar to set the different options of the object (eg: #of rings of an UV sphere) but when i try to do that, all that part of the toolbar is grey, it’s like i’m unable to edit any option box of it.
Like I said, i’m having this problem with each mesh I create in the viewport. I don’t know why is this happening, so i came to you guys.
Hope to read some response here.
Here is an image:


Don’t have an answer as to why the panel is greyed-out, but if you hit F6 in the viewport, you should be able to bring up the operator panel there.



Thanks for the reply btw

The problem is much BIGGER!

I cant’ transform anything with the toolbar. eg: I can’t scale any mesh or curve or any other entity.
I say that the problem is bigger beacuse it doesn’t allow me to do, AND it doesn’t allow me to UNDO!
I hit Ctrl+Z to undo something and it’s imposible
That’s why it is a bigger problem that i thought


I don’t know WHY but somehow, the Undo settings in the editing tab from the user preferences changed.
It must be checked.
Now i can do, undo anything i want.
Now that i see what the problem is, it seems silly to me, but it’s strage the way all stoped working.

You’ve probably already found it but take a look here:http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?316841-SOLVED-Kind-of-What-would-cause-the-New-Object-Panel-to-be-disabled