Problem: Totally white render with Cycles Render (v2.64)!

Hello everybody, I’m a newbie here and I coming with a render problem…
Just for information, I work with Windows7pro, AMD dual-core 6400+, 8Gb ram, Geforce GTX660Ti 3Gb

I making a little cosmetic bottle, in real time all are okay:

But when I want a F12 final render, it’s totally white!! :frowning:

And it’s the same problem with GPU or CPU computing… I don’t understand where is the problem… :confused:
If you have any idea, many thanks in advance!

Please ALWAYS attach or link to your blend file. Just a screenshot showing only a small fraction of the important information is not enough and just makes it more difficult for those generous users who may wish to help you.

Oops… I’m very sorry!! :o Here’s my file : bouteille_cosmetic_05.blend (744 KB)

Oops… I’m sorry! Here’s my file:

You have your render output set to show the alpha channel, change it to the Colour channel (the one on the right)


Yes! Many thanks Richard! I suspected that it was very basic but when you’re a beginner and you don’t know, it’s difficult to find alone the solution…
Well, it’s cool, now I can render my little bottle with 1500 pass and it’s nice! :smiley: