Problem uplaoding Blender videos to Vimeo


I started to video tape demonstrations during class and prepared it to the Vimeo format.
However no matter if I am on OS X or XP I experience in 99.999% cases a stall of my upload process.

Often few percent go up and than it tja just stalls.

Does anybody have any other idea?
Youtube seems to be terrible in quality and Vimeo seems to be seriously great.


Not that I know of… What’s the size of these vids?
Also do you already have any vids up?

if you look me up on vimeo, there’s a test upload there with my settings that I use.

I use vimeo and I’ve had problems uploading, but it ended up being that the video size was to big. Now I always check the size first and compress ti if need be.

mh the movies are even small like 5 mb

Papa mh do you have a url ? offers a number of upload options, including web-based transfer like vimeo, ftp (yes!), and a locally installed upload client. You might find that works better for you.