problem UV mapping a simple post


I am trying to UV map a simple post in Blender 2.63 (one of ten for a bridge I am modeling). I put seams around the top and bottom and along one long edge of the post (see attached image) and I keep getting a map with two of the long sides of the post stretched all out of proportion to the other two sides so the tiling is really squished on two of the sides. I tried both the basic Unwrap and Smart project. Any suggestions? Thanks,


Try in object mode- Object->apply->scale. If you scaled it to model it you will have problems.

Thanks Jaypjohnson, I will try that. I did find a work-around. It seems when I join all the bridge pieces together and UV map them all together, the post maps are in scale. Thanks.


Yes, the apply scale did work. I should have done that earlier in the process. Thanks again.