Problem with 2.4 Fluidsim--help!

Hey, all–

I’m working through the v.2.4 fluid simulation tutorial #2 found:

and I’m having a problem. When I set the glass as an obstacle and the liquid hits the glass, it’s splashing through the “inside” of the glass wireframe and not treating the glass as a solid until it hits the outside wall (from the inside). What am I doing wrong? I converted the glass from a subsurfed cube to a mesh and recalculated the normals, but beyond that I’m stymied.


If the resolution you are using is too small, then it will have errors in it. Try setting the resolution to 50. Also, even though you have set the normals, try looking at them to see if they are pointing out (go into edit mode and press a to select everything, then go into the edit buttons and choose “Show Normals”).

If this doesn’t help, post a screenshot of the wireframes, so we can see what the problem is.


IMHO a resolution of 50 is way too low unless you have a really big domain. For a 20 X 20 X 20 cube domain, I recommend at least 150 if your computer can handle it.

Back to the subject, I noticed that Blender’s FluidSim is a little inaccurate even for average resolution settings. Usually the result is that the entire fluid object is about 0.1 units to the left or something.

I’ve discussed it here and I hope it will help you out.

Thanks for your help! Increasing the resolution and recalculating the normals helped with the liquid leaking through the glass but not hitting the inside-bottom of the glass. What did that was taking the subsurf off the cube after converting the pseudo-glass shape to an actual mesh.