problem with 2.4

My script is bombing out on a call to Blender.window.ImageSelector, e.g. blender is crashing.

Running on windows XP.

It worked before in 2.4a

have I missed something?

link to script


no one?

could someone else at least try it with 2.4 thanks

If I knew more about scripting, I’d give it a try. It looks like a usefull script.

I bet cambo would have an answer for you.

someone mentioned this elsewhere but Imageselector is deprecated and shouldn’t be used, please use the regular fileselector (check bundled scripts for example usage…)


thanks LetterRip

Apparently I missed the deprecation notice in the release notes for 2.31a !!!

It is STILL documented in the 2.4 Python Documention!

I was originally using the fileselector method but figured it was a pain because image files were not even being highlighted - forget viewing them.

I’ll modify the script