Problem with 2.59 install

I download the zip. extract it to the desktop, launch it, and this is what flashes up in the console:

"ndof : deadzone set to 0.10
found bundled python: C:\Users\Arya\Desktop\ blender-2.59-Windows64\blender-2.59-windows64\2.59\Python

blender quit"


First you should try the actual version 2.62 from
The ndof device is a 3dmouse like >
Do you have such a device?

Cheers, mib.

I just have a standard mouse. I need to convert my 2.49 game to 2.6x but i have to convert it through a 2.5 version first. What version python do need to install for 2.5x?

You don’t need to install python with 2.5/2.6 versions, it all comes as part of the blender install.