Problem with 2 smoke domains influencing each other

I have a video as a background and I’ve appended a 3D Element with a smoke domain from another file. The 3D Element is on fire and it looks great.
The problem starts when I append the same 3D Element with its smoke domain again. I have now 2 smoke domains in my file that start at a different frame.
The first domain works perfectly until I get to the frame in which the second domain starts. Then the result is a mess because they seem to influence each other and the smoke starts going crazy.
Do they influence each other because it’s a duplicate or something like that? Should I create the domain instead of appending it?
Any ideas of how to do it correctly?
Thank you very much.

that,s probably the reason. i think because its the same file the data is getting confused, so it is probably best to create a second domain and try that. or just expand the domain and add a second emitter. an alternative is to render the smoke animation, move the domain and render the second smoke and composite the animations together. it wil probably take a bit longer to render. but maybe not as there is less calculating to do.