Problem with 2 smoke domains influencing each other

I have a video as a background and I’ve appended a 3D Element with a smoke domain from another file. The 3D Element is on fire and it looks great.
The problem starts when I append the same 3D Element with its smoke domain again. I have now 2 smoke domains in my file that start at a different frame.
The first domain works perfectly until I get to the frame in which the second domain starts. Then the result is a mess because they seem to influence each other and the smoke starts going crazy.
Do they influence each other because it’s a duplicate or something like that? Should I create the domain instead of appending it?
Any ideas of how to do it correctly?
Thank you very much.

When you append the 2. smoke domain, the domains will share the same smoke cache/bake by default wich will result in what you descibe. So yes, they influence each other…

  • Bake each domain to a different bake folder and use a different cache name for each one. If you create a new domain the problem should automatically be solved; otherwise change the bake path in the smoke domain settings (“cache”)
  • Or create a big smoke domain that covers both and re-bake everything (not suggested)