Problem with .3ds files into Irrlicht

Hello, wheneveri export a .3ds file, and try to import it into irrlicht with a texture or without (i added the texture using irrlicht) it basically turns one solid color.

When i export it, i just go to file>export>.3ds then i select a place to export it and done. The file says 3DS file
The fence is the model exported in blender

I tried importing it into 3dsmax and exporting it again, but again, nothing.
I also tried different textured and the image wasnt scaled so the texture shouldnt be stretched.

Thx for any help

Why don’t you just use another format?

I have been using “.x”-format with success, but i prefer my3d, because it supports lightmaps, whereas .x does supports animations in Irrlicht. You may also try .b3d, haven’t tried yet, but support sounds promising.