Problem with a basic function

Every tutorial I have tried to watch either has a hard to understand voice or skips steps or goes to fast. The one I am trying to follow now is showing me how to do the mirror so that whatever I do to one side is done to the other which is something I would want in all my future projects. The problem is that after I use K then cut separate the box in two I deselect using a then I am supposed to select some point or points using b and delete the faces leaving half a box. The problem is that the selection tool doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t know where to click or what I am doing wrong. The video is too fast and you can’t clearly see what she is clicking on before she delets the faces. So some help would be very welcome.

Well you described the proper way of deleting points very well, so you should have just pressed b and then LMB and drag the area of selection then hit delete or x and, from your description choose verticies (the stuff you want to delete) in the dialogue box that appears. Other than that, I can’t be any more specific without a screen shot or the link to the tutorial.

It worked, I can’t believe it was so simple. I kept single clicking in different places and it wasn’t doing anything but then I click and drag and it worked. Thanks so much. I am sure I will have more problems so it is nice to know there are people out there with patience to help out newbies like me.

Well I found another problem. If you mess up and do something you didn’t want to do where in the heck is the back button or how do you undo? Hurry please, the only way I know how right now is not saving and reopening back before I flubbed up.

Ctrl+Z is Undo

Thanks. Ugh here is the tutorial that I am trying to follow. and now she wants me to do a loop cut and I have forgotten how and you can’t clearly see how or where she did it. I don’t know, maybe this tutorial is too high level for me. I don’t know. I just wish I had a clearer tutorial for building a character that clearly showed each step at a speed I could follow. As long as I see exactly where to click and what to do I can follow even if it is high level stuff I am attempting.

Loop cut is Ctrl+R

I just wish I had a clearer tutorial for building a character that clearly showed each step at a speed I could follow.

that’s what the pause button is for

I recommend getting a book like Essential Blender for starters. It helped me a lot to get down the keyboard commands and stuff at my own pace.