Problem with a reflection in a mirror

Hello good people.

I’m working with a real photograh in which there’s a mirror reflecting a building. What I want is to add a 3D airplane (which I created) reflected in that mirror as well.

I created a plane and placed it where the mirror is. I tried some different materials for that plane (glass, glossy, etc) but I can’t see the original reflection in the mirror now. The only I can see reflected now is my 3D airplane and the HDRI that I use in the scene.

How can I do it in order to see the original reflection of the building in the mirror (just the way it was before) along with my 3D object reflected as well? (and, obviously, I don’t want the HDRI reflected either)

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you

I’m not 100% sure I understand, but is this this situation:

You are using an actual photograph which includes a mirror reflecting some buildings. You have then modeled the mirror and positioned it to replace the backdrop mirror. You have then modeled and placed an aircraft. The modeled mirror of course can’t reflect the original buildings as you haven’t modeled them.

This sounds like something you’d either solve by compositing your reflected aircraft onto the original image, or by creating something the modeled mirror could reflect - perhaps extracting the photo reflection, flipping it and putting it on a plane the 3D mirror could “see”?

Thank you for your answer.

Excatly, that’s what I’m trying. How can I exactly composite my reflected aircraft onto the original image?
Any idea?

I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. Compositing is one area of Blender I have never looked into.

No worries. Thanks for trying