Problem with advanced mesh modelling

Hi i’m new in this forum, i use 2.49 blender version and i 've a problem with manual old version.
In advanced mesch modelling for mirroring the linked duplicate with alt-D, when i press N in the numeric input panel there isn’t the set size(x,y,z).
Someone know where is misfit this option?

If you hit “N” in EditMode, there is only “Median X, Y,Z…” no scale fields. Did you hit N in ObjectMode or EditMode?

Oh and by the way, welcome to BlenderArtists!

If you want to mirror part of a mesh in edit-mode just press m and the type x,y or z to specify the mirror-axis. If you try to mesh-edit a linked duplicate created by alt+d you’ll have no luck, because mirroring the duplicate in edit-mode will mirror the original as well. (This is what linking is all about!). So either do a full copy with shift+d or check out the mirror-modifier. What exactly are you trying to do?