Problem with armature weights

I have a problem rigging a character, I am getting strange results on the deformations. It seems like the vertices with full weights (completly red) are being moved and the rest are being ignored. I want to have smooth deformations. How do i solve this problem?

Sorry if my English is bad.

How do i solve this problem?
Improve your weight painting ?

Since you haven’t included ANYTHING to show your weighting (blend file or at the very very least full and concise screenshots) I’m not sure how anyone is able to give you any specific help

here you can see that only the dark blue vertex are not deformed (i was wrong in the first post, i said that only the completely red vertices are being deformed, my bad) the green and yellow should be partially rotated. I used Make Human to generate the body, I modeled the head and I am trying to rig only the head, everything else works just fine. The head is floating inside the shirt, i deleted the faces inside the cloth because they are not going to be visible. I am having problems uploading the blend file, sorry, maybe because It is 45 MB.