Problem with backface culling- objects disappearing when looked at a certain angle

I turned off backspace in my materials panel due to a bug with my makehuman character’s clothes disappearing when they’re looked at at a certain angle, but I’m still having the bug. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem? I recently made the armature a single user so I could re-position the origin, could that have caused it?

(Also, as a secondary question, is there a way I can keep it from freezing like it does when I go around the corner? It needs to load the map, that’s why I think it’s freezing)

A male stripping his clothes on and off while marching with the weirdest boner ended up making your game even creepier, you might wanna consider leaving that as a feature :wink:

Switching off back-face-culling on an high-poly model is never a good idea. Usually it does not solve any problems. It just lowers render-time.

I agree with TheKingDweeb, it looks pretty much like the problem described in the referred link.

This could be frustrum culling, but I fixed the problem in either case: There was a location keyframe on the spine bone- the parent bone for everything. I think the mesh was popping to somewhere offscreen. Anyway, I removed the location keyframe and set x, y, and z all to 0, and that fixed it.
@gura LOL, that’s not what it is, it’s an arrow that tracks the player… although I like your explaination better. It’s visible for debugging.