Problem with basic explosion

After creating a quick explode effect on an object in my animation, I found that it seemed to change the way other objects were rendered. In the animation, I used the quick explode effect on the visor of one of the character’s helmets. The exploded piece is a separate mesh with different materials, but it seems to change the way that the armor on the characters are rendered, both before and after the explosion. The two images attached are two frames, one rendered without the quick explode effect and one with it. The frame rendered with the effect is rendered before the explosion, and the object with the explosion effect is on a different character. I want the armor to look like it does in the first image, but it has appeared as it does in the second image since I added the quick explode effect.

I figured it out. For some reason the armor material had some kind of transparency setting that I don’t remember setting, and for some reason it only started playing hell with the armor texture after I added the particle system.