Problem with Blender 2.42a

Yesterday I was doing this tutorial ( in Blender 2.42a. Everything worked good until I had to work with the EnvMap. I loaded the image but when I rendered it, it was all black. In the little preview box (where the image should be), it was just grey/black.

I reinstalled Blender 2.41 and the EnvMap (and the whole tutorial) worked well in this version. Is this a bug or do I have to change a(nother) setting in 2.42a?


ps: sorry for my bad english :o

There is already an issue about this logged in the Bugtracker


So it’s really a bug! :frowning:
I hope it will be fixed in Blender 2.42b (or 2.43) and that this update will follow soon. Meanwhile I just keep using 2.41!

Yes it is a bug, and one which AFAIK is not gonna get fixed for a while.

Ton is away for siggraph, and i haven’t seen any topics about it on the developers list.

The coders do it all for free, and do it the best they can


I don’t doubt that! I just hoped I made a stupid mistake. :smiley: