Problem with Blender inferface out of full screen mode

I have problem with Blender Interface. The image below show it.

At left an image out of full screen mode. At right an image in full screen mode:

When I runs Blender out of full screen mode its interface looks bad. When I runs Blender out of full screen mode its interface looks good

How to resolve it?

Turn off full screen anti-aliasing in your video card settings.

I dont found this option in my video card settings.

k, would have to know what video card you have and what operatiing sysytem you’re using. If it’s Nvidia, then it’s in Performance and Quality settings. it’s just called Antialiasing there, just turn it off.

I use a Diammond Stealth III S540 32 MB for Window$ 98.

K, that’s the problem right there, your card is Savage 4 based and is about 5 plus years old. I can’t really help you because it’s not supported anymore and fixes back then probably won’t help you now as everythings changed. You need a new card!

I don’t will change my graphic card only for it. I Know that may pc is oldest, but even with some little problems like this it runs Blender very nice. Is more easy run Blender in full screen and the problems in non full screen mode are worse in previous Blender versions.

Awesome too see someone having fun with an older system. I, myself, go nuts if I don’t have the latest and it’s a costly little personality flaw.

Keep Blendering untill that system blows up ! :slight_smile:

Enzoblue, one of the advantages do Blender is to run in slow systems. Of course that somethings can be terribly slow, as render in Yafray. But generally Blender is satisfactory even to less powerfull machines

Standard question:

Have you got the most recent graphics card drivers installed?