problem with blender, please help!

i’ve got a problem with blender: my model suddenly became invisible. I tried to press the <´> key, which turns all layers to visible, but it won’t work!
I tried to save it and reopen it, but it won’t work.
I also tried to use the bottom window as 3D window, and i saw my model. I compared the settings of the 2 windows, and they looked the same…
btw i included a screenshot:

does enybody know how to display it in the top window again


Snap your cursor to your object (select the object and press Shift-S>Cursor–>Selection) in the bottom window. In the top window, press C.

it made it dissapear in both windows…


Press N. Check where your object is located. Set it to 0,0,0 (or clear location with ALT-G). Then try snapping your cursor to it again and use C to recentre your view.

it somehow jumped to location #QO,#QO,#QO , and i can’t change those cordinates. Even ALT-G won’t work…


Create a new file and append your object into the new file.

how should you do that?