Problem with blueprints/reference pics not matching all views

Trying to make a car. A volvo 245 1982s model. Every blueprint I find is not matching up. I found one that is the closest to the 1982 model and that is this 90s blueprint down below.

Still, the front and top view doesn’t add up. Just when I had began the modeling I noticed they didn’t match up exactly at one place. What to do in these situations? Just ignore it and try to make the best I can with what I have? I really want to make my own model of this car, but without blueprints it will prob not look as good as I want it to be. Any help or push in the right direction would be awesome.

A lot of three views are not really plans or blueprints. They are usually just made for advertising or product illustrations and not very accurate. The best you can do Is pick one view, Say the top, and then try to adjust the other views to fit the top view in photoshop etc.
You may be able to do it by just adjusting the size of the images. Or you may have to cut out parts of the image and move them into place to get them to match. Another way is to try and find as many photos as you can. Also work from a fixed reference line, say the point between the front and rear door and line the other images up to that.
It will never be exact but you can get it close enough that no one will notice.

Thanks for your answer! I know many photos is not actual blueprints and that is frustrating to me. Maybe I am not motivated enough to fix these in photoshop. I dunno, I tried and it just frustrates me even more when I cannot get them to match.

This is one part that doesn’t add upp and there is probably several more.


I know if I had full motivation I could never be stopped, but atm this little thing throws me off and I just want to give up.

Rather don’t give up.

Unless you are actually modelling with plans/blueprints this is going to be something you face every single time so best to get used to it.

Correcting what you have in PS or other software you can use will take 5 to 10 minutes tops and then your issues go away.

In these situations I use a mirror modifier and just try to match up one side. Only works on one axis, but reduces the pain by a third. Then fudge everything else in the name artistic license.

Are you just putting the full image in for all the views? Sometimes it helps to stick in photoshop or Gimp and then split each view out and then you can resize each image.