problem with car rig

I am trying to create a rig for a car with a suspension made for a offroad truck or ATV. I am going through a pdf tutorial which is not very detailed about how to set up the rig using emptys.

My problem is after applying a curve modifier to the root of the car which attatches to a nurbs curve for animation, the root goes to the middle of the nurbs path leaving behind all the emptys parented to it.

I have included the blend file to see what I am talking about.

Does anyone know of a good car rig tut? I did the one on cgcookie and its a good start, but its not enough to use for animation purposes.


Cars_Animation_Tutorial.pdf (867 KB)car_rig_1.blend (377 KB)

Hello ! I am the author of the tutorial you are referring to. You can find other more recent systems for cars and trucks on the link below.

All my tutorials were made with and for Blender 2.49b, and may not work directly in Blender 2.6x. However, the principles are still usable and the system could be revamped to be operationnal in 2.6x.

The PDF below will explain the systems rather in depth. I plan to rebuild the systems for 2.6x, but I have so many things to do that I can’t tell when I’ll actually find some time for that.

On the page you will find several systems for various kinds of vehicles and terrain, as well as some video examples.

Unfortunately, the script written by Littleneo for automated wheels rotation (included in my blend files) seem to not work any more in Blender 2.6x.

I hope that you will find something useful.

Good luck !


Thanks for the reply. I didnt mean any offense about the tut, the results you showed are awesome, one of the best one ones I have found, thats why I am trying to make sense of how you did it.

Thanks for the updated pdf, I appreciate it greatly.

It was not necessary to create a new topic for the same thing.

You can download the corrected blend file for Blender 2.62 on the link below.

Nothing was done in your rig : The tail and nose vertex groups were created but not assigned, so they had no effect.

A self tracking constraint on same object doesn’t work. You have to add an intermediary object : an empty parented to the tail vertex group, for example. You can also use as target the tail vertex group of the sensor, as it is parented to the chassis.

You hadn’t applied the same axis direction to all objects. Always Apply Scale and Rotation to all objects before parenting or adding constraints, by typing Ctrl-A !

You have to set up two keyframes for the tracking constraint : One set to 0 at frame 0 used to reset the rig, and One set to 1 at frame 1 to enable the tracking constraint.

I have duplicated the system and added a trailer to show you how to chain this kind of rig and make trucks with trailers.

Download the file here :

Good luck.