Problem with creating new objects

Modeling with Blender, I’ve arrived at a stage where Blender refuses to add any more objects to the scene, oddly enough. I just use Space > Add > Mesh > Cube, but no object appears, even though it does switch to Edit Mode. Same goes for any objects, not just cubes, by the way.

Blender works perfectly with other scenes, and I even sent this ‘wrong’ scene to a friend, who could add objects normally. It doesn’t seem to work for me though, which, naturally, hinders me a lot.

i ve got this same problem once try to hit a few times the tab button and then create a new mesh or just create a new scene and append this current scene to the new one.

Some things you can try:
Leftclick in the 3D window in TopView and FrontView (or hit C) to get the 3D Cursor into view. Objects are added at the 3D Cursor. Hit the tilde (~) button to show all layers. Scale your scene down in Object mode (A till all objects are black) to make sure all objects are within the clipping view of the OpenGL camera.


Showing all layers, and then going back to just the first layer seems to have done the trick, even if I’m still not sure why. Don’t hear me complaining though : )

Thanks to the both of you