problem with curve bevel object

i have a path curve with a beizer circle as the BevelOb, so it basically looks like a tunnel. i want to make a really long windy tunnel, so i extrude/ ctrl+click, and every so often, i get this strange “twisted” curve. whats going on and how do i fix this?

This is avery old issue with twisted curves running along the z axes.

If it happens to me, I usually rotate my entire model in Editmode to avoid any curve to follow the z direction at any point.

Then I rotate the model back in ObjectMode.
But afterwards never apply Scale and Rotation to this Object as long as it is based on Curves.
Once it is converted to a mesh the problem is gone and it is possible to apply Rotation.


Edit: I remembered I’ve seen something on this topic years ago. I found it again!
Here is an more advanced Trick from by Bassam Kurdali

Patel: thanks for the reply. a while after i posted this i remembered something i had seen on blendernation, that campbell barton or brecht had an easy solution for this. i’m going to look for it now.

edit: i didn’t see your edit because i get thread updates forwarded to my phone, and it doesn’t update until you visit the thread again. whatever. the point is, thanks for the link! (bassam, i guess, not brecht or ideasman.)
edit2: do you know if this plans to be fixed in 2.5? i put it in the “list a little yet significant feature in 2.5” thread

do you know if this plans to be fixed in 2.5? i put it in the “list a little yet significant feature in 2.5” thread

No, I don’t know.
But it’s anyway a good idea, to request this feature,
though it isn’t really a feature - it looks a bit more like a bug - maybe?


Have you tried selecting that particular point and simply using the T-Key to un-twist it?

I know this is off topic but… how would you change a a group of curved edge of an object ( not a bezier curve or Nurbs) into a straight. Bare with me, I’m a begginner. I’m modeling a diamond and I have to make a group of edges straight.

Patel: yeah i guess it’s more of a bug, although when i requested it i got quite an enthusiastic response from another member, so it would seem to be a good idea…whatever. thanks

Atom: yes actually that was the first thing i tried. it just pushes the twist farther up the curve, and if u have more than one twist…fuggedaboutit!

[email protected]_man: you could change it to poly type curves, but if you’re modelling a diamond i wouldn’t use curves at all. check out this tutorial. it’s very clear, imho.