Problem with disforming fluid in the simulater.

I recently started to use the fluid simulator but I have a problem. I am trying to make a liquid stay still in a glass but as soon as I bake it the liquid extends towards the back, disforms and falls to the bottom. My liquid has the properties fluid, volume and the glass is an obstacle, shell. If I instead use fluid, shell on the liquid it stays in the glass, but then it doesn’t keep it form but fall together on itself. Do anyone have an idea how to keep this from happening?

Before baking:

After baking:

And finally how it looks with fluid, shell:

No one who have any idea how to fix this?

i saw a prolbem like this yesterday. there someone had all kinds of fluid bake files in one folder, so blender picked some that weren’t the right bake’s for the file. putting your bakes in a seperate foulder could help.

Hmm I deleted all the files in the tmp file where blender saves my bakes in and it didn’t do any difference. Thanks anyway.

increasing the domain resolution or thickening the mess should help, and also check normals are correct.