Problem with drivers while starting Blender

Hi, I’m trying to run Blender 2.82 on windows7, and I got this notification: “unsupported Graphics Card or Driver: a graphic card and driver with support for OpenGL 3.3 or higher is required. Installing the latest driver may resolve the issue. The program will now close”. The thing is that I have two 2 graphic cards: Intel® HD Graphics 3000, ( according to Open GL Viewer my version is 3.1.) + NVIDIA Quadro 2000M (according to internet Open GL should be 4.5) From manager level both card’s drivers are up to date. I checked some online tutorials and one advice was to run Blender with NVidia from the right mouse click - no success. The other was to set up the Nvidia card for blender from the Nvidia panel, still the same problem. I will be greatful for your help!

^^ You might find that interesting link!

^^ There, how to choose CUDA rendering aka. GPU rendering, given
that Blender recognized and is happy with the GPU card’s capabilities. Try and
let us know. There might also be better answers coming in here, so
not saying my post is definite final say :slight_smile:

Of the Quadro 2000M GPU in Blender’s system requirements:
“NVIDIA: GeForce 400 and newer, Quadro Tesla GPU architecture and newer, with NVIDIA drivers” (working for 2.8x).

As the Quadro 2000M is a “Fermi” architecture (newer than Tesla), my best bet is, given
that you are able to install CUDA toolkit, Blender 2.82 should support it through the selection in:

File > User Preferences > System > Cycles Compute Device
(“If you have a GPU it will show there under CUDA. Select that and you’re ready to go”)

Wish you good times with Blender, which ever version you’ll be running!

The problem is that I can’t enter Blender workspace. I just click on the icon, getting the message and program closes. Thus, I don’t think I could use any help from File > User Preferences > System > Cycles Compute Device. I’m also not advanced when it comes to IT, I can follow some simple instructions, but getting lost if there are some advance terminology or procedures. I will keep on trying. Thanks anyway.

If I would menege to find lower version of Blender, like 2.7, could that help?

Hi, again. I litteraly tried every possible tip and tutorial to solve this issue, still no success. So my question is very simple: should blender 2.82 (in theory) work on my card which is Nvidia Quadro 2000M or is it lost case? Thanks in advance

So has your issue been solved since then? I am having the exact same problem, and I have fixed it once a while back, sort of, but this problem keeps happening from time to time and it is really annoying.

The thing I did back then was opening the Blender project on another computer that has Geforce GPUs. It opened without a problem. I then saved the file and opened it again on the Workstation that had the Quadro GPUs and voilá! It worked.

If there is a more elegant solution to this problem, please let me hear it, since doing this process is only a temporary fix, and a waste of time.