Problem With EasyFx addon

Hello All,

Ok…so after hours of trying to find a solution(and I do mean hours) I’m stumped. I do not know why blender/easyfx addon is behaving this way. When I first installed the script it seemed to work fine, I made some adjustments to my scene, re-rendered and now nothing composites/updates no matter what settings I adjust. I tried reinstalling the addon, I’ve rendered multiple times, and anything else I could possibly think of( which were a multitude of other things) Now its extremely late and my brain hurts. It’s says that its updating/compositing after I adjust parameters yet nothing happens. What is the work around for this? What Am I doing wrong(I’m sure I’ve missed something somewhere) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a viewer node plugged in to the wrong node? Should be last if you are previewing changes.

I had the exact same issue, and the cause of the problem is very simple: there is not enough RAM. For some very strange reason, EasyFX uses an awful lot of RAM. Another strange behavior is that when Blender doesn’t have enough RAM to composite the scene, it doesn’t do that step. It doesn’t even crash, it’s just doing nothing, even though the progress bar is shown.

My advice is to do the compositing on a computer with more RAM or give up. I gave up on EasyFX since I cannot afford a computer with more RAM. I hope you are luckier than me.

I have the viewer node placed/attached correctly so I suspect that the problem might be as Akikun suggested. However my system isn’t garbage so I’m hoping that’s not it. I’m still working on a solution. I hate using the node trees for anything so I’ve been avoiding the compositor for some time now. I usually composite all my work in after effects because I find it to well…just be easier. I guess I’ve avoiding blender’s composite node system long enough. When I first used the easyfx addon I got some pretty nice results so I’m going to try and recreate that manually manipulating the nodes if it comes to that, in the meantime I’m still looking for a solution for this addon issue. I don’t like to let things like that get the better of me. Thanks for the help thus far!!