Problem with Extrude Individual faces

Below is the image depicting the top ortho view of a cylinder, whose all faces I selected and applied Extrude individual.

As you can see there are gaps between adjacent faces. Why are these gaps appearing? In a normal cylinder (before my extrude operation) every face has adjacent sides common with the next face. Hence when extruded too there should be a common face between the new cuboid kind of shapes.

This doesn’t happen when I apply Solidify modifier to a normal cylinder. But as its a modifier I cant really see how the mesh is modified in this case to see what I am missing.

Can someone kindly point out where am I going wrong? I don’t want those gaps and want the extruded cylinder to appear like a single ring.

The tool is working like it should in the image, it splits all of the selected faces from each other and extrudes them along their normals.

The tool combination to make a ring would be the normal extrude tool + Shrink/Flatten (Alt S). Or just use the solidify modifier which does something similar, but can do so non-destructively and at a much higher quality (for complex shapes).

@Ace Dragon
Normal Extrude + Shrink/Flatten is giving me a ring with uneven thickness cos normal extrude extrudes along a normal. But here, as many faces are involved, I think it extrudes along the resultant direction of all the normals. And hence the ring becomes uneven

you must extrude of zero length before to Shrink/Flatten.
To do that, press E then Return or LMB, without moving the mouse.

how about using a solidify modifier instead?

Thanks a lot for the zero length extrude tip. It solved my problem. Also, I read the wiki for Shrink/Fatten. I understood why it works differently than extrude individual faces too. Thanks all again!