Problem with hair particles

Hi guys!
I have a problem with hair particles, see the attached image, I have it all almost as I want but you can see a ugly withe stripes in the hair… do you know how can I remove them?


To me the image is not large enough to see what you mean, make a close up one if you want we can help.


Here you have a couple of screenshots with better resolution, there are the particle settings and the material settings

Sorry BadChoice, but i still don’t see enough to say other than there is something strange around the head, they look as some meshes rather than hair strains. Really your close ups should be much more closed, and you should explain a little which is the problem, or wait for a much skilled guy for help :slight_smile:


Here you have a better close up, I hope you can see what happens here (you can click the image to see it bigger)

Perhaps some strains need to be smoothed a little: while in particle mode try and look at them without children, you should see if there are some strands particularly twisted or out of order. Moreover you could look at the normals of polygons, some of them could be reversed.
Are you using any maps or vertex groups?
Is the body set as collider?
Sorry but for the moment I can’t say more.
If you don’t resolve you should post here the scene, too many thinks could be the culprit.


I turned the hair black to see if I could see it a bit better and there seems there are more than just that prob… here you have the .blend file so maybe you can find out what happens

If you change the children type to Interpolated instead of Simple the major problem should resolve.

You still have to puff some strain sinking in the mesh, and of course to tweak children’s parameters for smoothed result.
It’s a try and error process.

What I don’t like is the shape of the parent mesh in the forehead, it seems to resemble some forelocks, but at the same time hairs grow from them in the opposite direction, quite weird to me.

Let us know how it goes.


Edit: don’t forget the parent object has scale 0.243, so if you should have further problems, I suggest to Apply Scale to it, even if it screw all up.

hey! thanks a lot! it starts looking really well now! I’ll post it in work in progress too, to see what people suggests me for finishing him!

Thank you so much!!!

I’m Glad of that.
Out of technical topics, I find this guy pretty cool, keep it up, I’m waiting to see him finished!