Problem with Hairparticles and Rig

Hello im new here and this is my first post. Im trying to make an animation of a bear falling over.
I did the model, the hair particles, the shaders and texturing and everything was working. Then I added the Rig and did the weightpainting which also worked (for the first time in 2.8 for me). But when i move certain parts of my rig some random hairs kind of stretch really far. These Hairs are not connected to the part I’m moving. For example: i’ll move the arm of the bear and for some reason some hairs on the leg of the bear freak out. I checked the weightpainting and there was not weight applied to the hairs that were moving. I’d be really thankfull for any help as I don’t know what to do.

What is in your modifier stack? Before and after the particle system? Can I see the blend file?

The only modifiers are the particle system and the armature modifier. I made sure that the armature is over the particles. I sadly can’t upload the blend file because i’m a new user. If you’d like i could send it via E-Mail or something, thanks for the help:)

The easiest way to share blend files for new users is to upload to some cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, …) and provide a share link.

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The Problem was with the children and them sticking together. Leaving away the clumping solved it.