Problem with image texture


I’m having trouble using an image texture for an unwrapped selection.

I created a logo I would like on the side of my truck, but when I open the image in the uvimage editor, I get a big splash of white, instead of the letters. I already marked the seams and unwrapped it.

Honestly, the logo is lame, but I want to try to get it in the truck. It’s simple but I’m aware that If I can’t do something as simple as this, I won’t be able to make more complicated textures later on.

The letters is the logo I want. The other image is what I get when I import it in the uvimage editor. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

the video will be up soon
this is how you set up what you are trying to do.

if you have any other questions or issues, please feel free to submit the blendfile for review, and all nessasary textures aswell.

im sorry, i turned off my computer before it was done uploading. its up now.

Thank you so much! I can’t believe you actually took the time to make a video out of it. I will go ahead and try this. Just wanted to reply my thanks to you, in case I take too long in Blender. I’ll send back some pictures of the final result!

Got it!!! Thank you SO much!