problem with joined object's

Hi all
I have a small problem with a simple answer I guess
I joined 2 objects (you know with “ctrl + j” but their materials and textures stay separated (so I can only shange one material)
I hope you don’t mind telling me the simple answer:yes:

blender can assign up to 8 materials per object. you can manually delete/select/combine materials under the edit paneL

It’s probably the case that your joined object has all of the materials. In the shading [F5] materials buttons window, look for the box under links and pipeline that says ‘2 mat 1’. click on the arrow pointing right so it says ‘2 mat 2’. Now you can edit the 2nd material.

The first number is how many materials are assigned to your object. The second number is the index number of the material you are currently editing.

Hope that helps.