Problem with Layer bleeding into another Layer

If you render the current scene, you will notice the output, If you enable Layer Crystal-Ball-Glass (5), and notice the output again, you will see that this Layer is Bleeding into Layer Crystall-Ball-Glow (2), its really messing with my mind, I don’t think it should do this, its messing up the scene and I can not move past this problem, I know its something I’m dong wrong, but I can not find others with this problem, so I don’t know how to fix it.

Blend File

Thanks for any help.

Update: This problem is bigger then I thought, as I tried to add smoke to this scene, the Compositor is getting all goofy and and bringing in those elements on other layers, thus breaking my scene, I have no idea how to fix this and I do not believe it should behave this way.

I keep updating this file, to reproduce this problem, add a sphere to a Layer, then select all layers to render and you will note that it will bleed into the composite layer for the Glow effect.

In this Blend File, you will see I tried to add Smoke to this Scene:

I used the Crystal Ball as the Collision, the Flow called Smoke, and the SmokeHouse is the Domain, and its on layer 5, now, with layer 5 on, this will somehow bleed into my Layer 2 and cause it not to render, same problem as above, only a different problem.

I don’t know if this setup is the best, but that’s what I got, any suggestions would help.

This is on Ubuntu Studio 11.10 in KDE, with Blender 2.62 SVN.

Thanks for any help.

The Answer is to turn off Traceable, Under Material -> Options.

Whatever you include in any render-layer has to be “isolated” and “pristine.” For example, if you pull out a layer of “shadows,” then (a) no other layer anywhere in the comp may have shadow information in it; and (b) the layer must have nothing other than shadow information in it. It can sometimes be really hard to achieve that.