problem with lightning :S

oKey im leaving a screenshot,the problem its that im adding only 2 lights not very powerfull and its making my floor look white! :S


Try any of the following:

  • Make your floor’s specular value lower
  • Make your floor’s diffuse color darker
  • Make your floor’s diffuse value lower

A lamp with an energy of 5 can be quite powerful, by the way (1.0 is the default value).

You can also reduce the power of your light back to 1 and play with the falloff amount. The power is a linear function of the emitter, like changing the the illumination with a dimmer switch, and the falloff can be thought of the spreading of light from a point source, and displays an inverse square fall off meaning that if you have an intensity of light at a known distance, then you double the distance, you will have 1/4 intensity than from the known distance, at 3 times 1/9 the intensity. Conversely if you half the distance you will have 4 times the intensity, 1/3 the distance 9 times intensity. Falloff then in turn has a greater influence on the intensity of light.

I look at the falloff setting as the distance the light travels where the intensity will equal what you set in the energy setting. If a cube and a light are 1 unit apart and the energy is set to 1 your falloff would be set to 1 unit to have an intensity of 1 at the surface. BI could work differently than this, but this is what helps me.