Problem with lightning


i modeled an iphone 13 pro. i wanted to lightning it like the picture on the homepage. I tried a lot of things, also tools like HDR light studio, but it dont looks very nice.
Maybe anyone can help me.


my version


Here are some things to check:

-Make sure you are using Cycles if you are not already, because you are going to need those realistic reflections.
-Are you using either an invisible background or HDRI? If yes, make sure there is a bright area right in front of the camera, the reflections in the original are rather bright and you will need something to reflect placed in the correct angle behind the model. If you are using an HDRI, you will want to rotate it until you get satisfying reflections.
-You could place an emissive plane behind the model and make it invisible to the camera:

Or alternatively, an area light.