Problem with Loop, Cut and Slide wont appear!!

Hello first time poster (sorry if this is in the wrong section)

I have been messing around with Blender for the last couple of days and so far I think I’m doing ok, However I have run into a little problem.

I am trying to cut up the long faces on my Skyscraper so I can put some windows and decoration on them. however loop cut and slide doesn’t show up when I try to create the extra faces.

What am I doing wrong??

skyscraper.blend (471 KB)

Thanks in advance

Your problem is that your big elongated faces are ngons, not quads, so the loop cuts will not work (it does not work on ngons.

To fix, select this vertice :

Press X -> Dissolve Vertice

Now on one of the 4 side of your building, select those edges

Press X -> Dissolve Edge
Press F6 and enable “Dissolve Verts” (that is not enabled by default) to avoid dissolving the edges but letting vertices behind that would just create more ngons

Do that for the 4 sides of your building that feature the same middle edges

Once you will have done all of that, your mesh will not have any ngons anymore, you’ll be able to loop cut and etc without problems

Thanks for your help this works a charm… I have lots to learn it seems :smiley: