problem with making car rearmirror using "render to texture"

I try to add rearmirror to the “vehicle demo”,I followed this tutorial using “render to texture”.
At first,it works perfectly with only one “mirror”,then I duplicate the plane to make the “mirror” of the other side, of course I changed some parameters that I think matters the source of texture.But what ever I do I can’t get the right result,the two mirrors always reflect the same same side view,like this:
an illustrate of my game:
the blender file of the scence,

Can somebody help me figure out where’s the problem is?
thanks alot.


vehicle3_Steering fix.blend (1.16 MB)

  1. You need each video texture a own material.
  2. You need each video texture a own UV unwaped texture.

To mirror the the image you must scale in x with -1.0 UV unwaped.


vehicle3_Steering fix.blend (1.3 MB)

thank you very much,you help me alot.