Problem with mapping of material ramp colors

Hi all.
I am experimenting with Color ramps, but I have a problem. Starting with a simple cube, I created a Diffuse gradient with three colors, green, white and red, with all the other parameters (Diffuse shader model, Diffuse ramp input) at default values. Instead to seeing the gradient mapped on the cube, I obtain a sort of pinkish tint. Probably I am missing something basic, but I did not find much learning material on Color ramps for Blender 2.5. Could you please give any advice?
Thanks, ciao

You’ll have to render the view. Note that the green you won’t see directly as it is mapped to the backside of the cube.
You’ll have more luck by adding a blend texture and use the ramp in the texture Colors panel. You still won’t see it in the 3dview, only when rendered.


Thank you very much Richard. By using your suggestion, working with textures, I was able to obtain the correct mapping.
I would like to ask two related questions:

  1. Which is the use of Material ramps, considering that to correctly map the object one has to employ the texture panel?
  2. Why the 3Dview doesn’t show the colors, also if in GLSL display mode?

Thanks again, ciao

The GLSL view only shows image textures, not procedural textures like the blend, cloud voroni etc. You can uv unwrap your image and bake the procedural texture to an image so it does show up (see the Render / Bake panel)

Thanks for the clarification, you are really helpful.